Companies delivering superior sales results with Zoomifier

ENGAGE & NURTURE your audience with Active Content Recommendations Bots

ZOOMIFIER MARKETINGHUB is the only marketing solution that effectively uses machine learning to retain your audience’s attention to accelerate nurturing. The intelligent bots infer customer preferences as they retain their engagement with dynamic content recommendations that become progressively more personalized. The Active Content Recommendation Bots tightly integrates wherever your marketing content is used & fully conforms to your brand identity guidelines.

CONTINUOUSLY nurture leads with 1:1, Personalized Emails

ZOOMIFIER MARKETINGHUB is the only marketing solution that enables you to continously nurture thousands of leads with highly personalized emails that are unique for each recipient. Your digital marketers are no longer burdened with designing multiple email templates for each campaign & struggle with the copy for each template. The result is twice as fast nurturing to sales qualified leads as compared to traditional email nurturing campaigns.