Companies delivering superior sales results with Zoomifier

CREATE stunning, media-rich sales presentations & proposals effortlessly

Videos, 360 degree VR, animations, 3D graphics and other forms of rich media are critical to telling your unique story and retaining your audiences attention. CustomShow provides complete support for creating, presenting and sharing presentations with rich-media with no limitations on number of media elements, length of the videos, number of slides or the file size. With CustomShow you focus on wowing your audience with your stunning presentations. We take care of the details.

EXERCISE complete control of your brand, messaging, & regulatory compliance

CustomShow enables you to build and distribute slide libraries to sales and distribution partners with with complete control of brand and messaging. You can decide which content elements on the slides can be moved, edited or transformed. You can be assured that your logos, fonts, preferred colors, key messages and regulatory disclaimers are always represented accurately.

RAPIDLY customize the pitch for each customer

Sales teams can create customized presentations, fine-tuned to each customer’s interest, in minutes, by dragging and dropping appropriate slides from the library. Any changes made in the library are automatically propagated, ensuring consistent communications across your enterprise. The changes and updates are propagated all the way to customers with whom presentations are shared.

DELIVER flawless customer experience in-person & online

Significant number of participants attend your pitch remotely. The current online meeting tools are not designed for displaying videos, animations and other rich media accurately. There is often a huge lag between what the present sees on their screen and what shows up for the attendees. CustomShow includes cloud-based, simulcasting facility that directly delivers rich media streams to each user without any lag time and automatically adjusts quality based on their available bandwidth.

TRACK user engagement, fine tune presentations & close deals faster

CustomShow tracks how each customer engages with a presentation shared with them. This helps sales team infer customer’s interests, interact in a more meaningful way and close deals faster. Marketing teams can get deeper insights into how sales team is using slide libraries &how customers are engaging with their pitches. This helps them continouslyfine-tune presentations for greater sales effectiveness. Of course, all changes areautomatically propagated to the sales team.

PEACEFULLY coexists with PowerPoint and PDF

Easily import existing PowerPoint presentations into CustomShow. You can also export CustomShow presentations back to PowerPoint. CustomShow presentationsare best experienced with built-in CustomShow Viewers on web browser and nativemobile apps. However, you can also import stunning presentations into high resolutionPDFs for printing and other applications.