Zoomifier Personalized Automated Customer Engagement (PACE)

Zoomifier PACE is an innovative platform that dramatically increases the efficiency of your sales team by engaging the buyers using branded web and mobile apps that continuously stay in touch with and nurture the buyers through meaningful content recommendations as well as assist the sales person with deep insights into buyer’s interests through timely alerts.


Zoomifier Personalized Automated Customer Engagement Solutions


Automated Sales Engagement

Turbo charge your sales and distribution with easy access to sales collateral, nurture buyers, generate deeper insights into buyer’s interests, better qualify sales leads. Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce.com.

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Omni-channel Publisher

Reach out to your readers across web and social media. Deliver personalized, rich media content on branded web and mobile apps. Capture the share of ad budgets shifting to mobile. All this without taking your eyes off your current print publishing business.

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